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 Iron and Wedge Loft And Lie Affect Accuracy



Did you know incorrect loft and lie of your irons and wedges affects the accuracy of your shots?  Every 2 degrees off center results in golf shots 20 feet off target, possibly the difference between par and double bogey. 

Loft and lie angle measurements on a putter are just as important as they are with your irons and wedges. The loft determines if a putter rolls the ball on top of the grass and helps it roll true. If your loft is too high, your putter puts backspin on the ball, causing the ball to slow or skid short of the hole. Too little loft is also bad, causing the ball to push down into the turf, resulting in the ball jumping or popping up.  

Proline Golf, a premier golf shop in Chicago, is offering a great package ($25 for $60 value) to check and adjust the loft and lie of your irons, wedges, and putter. Their state-of-the-art Foresight Launch Monitor captures your critical swing data such as club head speed, horizontal club path, smash factor, dynamic loft and lie, and impact location. They then optimize your lie and loft with a Mitchell bending machine, #1 on tour for 24 years. 





 Want To Hit Your Golf Ball Farther?

Do you want to hit the golf ball farther?  Chris Pytell, who is PGA Director of Golf Instruction at Skokie Sports Park near Chicago, is a long ball technician who teaches specific fundamentals that power hitters use to gain more distance.  He has also taught more than 15.000 individual and group lessons, paving the path for many of his junior golfers to mature into competitive collegiate golfers.  Whether you’re an aspiring professional or a recreational golfer, you will learn valuable swing techniques for lowering your scores. $67 for a one hour private lesson ($110 value).






Tour Players Using Graphite Iron Shafts

Have you considered graphite shafts for your irons recently?  Maybe you should.  Many top tour players have already made the switch – Brandt Snedeker (2012 Tour Championship and Fedex Cup), Matt Kuchar (2010 #1 money list, 2012 Players), Boo Weekly, Ken Duke, Ryan Moore, John Cook, (winners on tour this year), Tim Clark (2nd Sony Open), and about a half dozen others.  

Why? Today’s graphite iron shafts made tremendous strides the last 10 years.  They’re now responsive and consistent, with great feel, feedback and sound, which are requirements of better players.  Benefits include less wear and tear on the body and joints due to better shock absorption than steel.  They also come in a wide variety of flexes and weights from 60 to 125 grams, with the lighter weights producing faster swing speeds. Brandt Snedeker and Matt Kucher use 95 gram Aerotech SteelFiber graphite shafts, while Boo Weekly won Colonial with 115 gram Aldila RIP graphite shafts (steel shafts for better players are 125-130 grams).  Be sure to test the latest graphite iron shafts from Aerotech, UST Mamiya, Aldila, Fujikura, Mitsubishi, Oban.  For now, prices for graphite iron shafts remain an issue.  But, prices will come down.  If you live near Chicago, a high-end golf shop, Proline Golf carries a wide variety of premium graphite iron shafts.  (312) 738-2427


 Graphite Irons Shafts