Frequently Asked Questions

  • 1. How do I buy an offer?

    When you find an exciting offer, just click the “Buy Now” button before the offer expires. We’ll charge your card and send you a confirmation email. Follow the instructions in the confirmation email to redeem your offer.

  • 2. Do I need to pay to become a member?

    Absolutely not! Membership is free.

  • 3. How do I subscribe to daily email alerts?

    When you first browse to our website, the system asks you for your email address and preferred city. Or, register as a member, and fill in your email address in the My Account page.

  • 4. If an offer has a minimum purchase number and it is not met, will my credit card will be charged?

    Most offers do not have a minimum purchase number. If an offer does have a minimum purchase number, we will only charge your credit card after an offer meets its minimum purchase number. If an offer does not meet its minimum purchase number, we will not charge your credit card. When an offer does not display a minimum purchase number, the minimum purchase number is 1, so everyone can purchase that offer.

  • 5. What happens if an offer fails to meet the minimum purchase number?

    The offer will be canceled and your credit card will not be charged. If you really like an offer that has a minimum purchase number, recommend the offer to your friends and family to help you get to the minimum purchase quantity.

  • 6. I was not able to purchase an offer because there were no more available. Is that possible?

    Yes, a business may limit the number of customers who can buy an offer.

  • 7. Can I use my deal certificate in combination with other offers?

    No, Score72 certificates may not be combined with other promotions.

  • 8. Where can I find my certificates?

    After you purchase an offer, the certificate for your offer appears in your My Account page. Click the My Certificates link. Print your certificate and redeem it with the business.

  • 9. Do I need to print my certificates?

    Yes. Please print your certificate, and show the certificate to the business who provided the offer.

  • 10. My account does not display my certificate, what can I do?

    Please contact us at We will help you solve the problem.

  • 11. How do I redeem a certificate?

    Redeem your certificate at the business who provided the offer.

  • 12. Do certificates expire?

    Certificates are valid for the period stated on the certificate.

  • 13. Can I give my certificates as gifts to others?

    Absolutely. Unless The Fine Print of a certificate says otherwise, simply give the certificate to your friend.

  • 14. If my certificates are in my name, can my friends can use them?

    Of course. Certificates may be redeemed by anyone. Keep in mind a certificate may only be redeemed once.

  • 15. What happens if I don’t redeem a certificate for the full amount?

    A certificate is not redeemable for cash. The merchant will not refund the balance to you. The balance cannot be redeemed at another time.

  • 16. The time period for an offer expired. Can I still buy the offer?

    No. We encourage everyone to register as a free member to receive timely updates from us about new offers.

  • 17. Can I cancel my order or get a refund?

    Yes, you may cancel an order during the purchase process, before payment is made from your credit card. Once payment is confirmed and a certificate is issued, you cannot cancel an order. However, you may request a refund of your order within the first seven days after purchase.

  • 18. How do sales taxes work with Score72 certificates?

    We do not charge you sales tax when you purchase an offer. A merchant may add sales tax when you redeem a certificate, depending on whether the purchased product or service is subject to sales tax, and whether the merchant is obligated by law to collect sales tax.  Depending on applicable state and local law, in some states, a merchant may add sales tax based on the paid value of a certificate plus the amount you spend in excess of the paid value. In other states, a merchant may add sales tax based on the full value of a certificate plus the amount you spend in excess of the certificate value. In addition, a merchant may collect sales tax from residents of specific states when redemption codes are redeemed on the merchant’s website.