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Chicago Wine Storage

The Wine Storage Facility


Wine is a valuable investment that can improve with age, but can also deteriorate quickly if it isn’t stored within proper environmental conditions. Our wine storage facility offers the necessary climate and security conditions to keep your valuable wine collection safe while you age it.  Our staff checks the cellar on a daily basis to ensure proper conditions are maintained.


Wine Storage Temperature is an important factor for a wine to properly mature. If too cold, wine will mature a slower rate, and if too warm, it will age too quickly. Our cellar is located fully underground, walled off from the elements with over a foot of reinforced concrete. Chicago Wine Storage has dedicated refrigeration equipment used exclusively in the cellar. Our wine storage facility is designed to keep the cellar at an ideal 55°year around.


Wine Storage Humidity is just as critical to the aging process. Excessive humidity can result in molding and degradation of labels, and an overly dry climate can cause corks to dry out and potentially spoil the wine. Our cellar is designed to sustain 60% to 70% humidity levels, using our dedicated humidification equipment.


Wine Storage Light is another concern for wine storage. Since ultraviolet light can be harmful to wine, our cellar bars any natural light from entering the storage lockers and our occupancy-sensor light fixtures keep the cellar completely dark for the majority of the time.


Wine Storage Safety & Security is of utmost importance to us as we are entrusted with protecting your valuable collection. The cellar is protected with high-security metal doors which are locked at all times. All access points and the interior are monitored 24/7 by state of the art video surveillance equipment. Patrons are required to sign-in when visiting the cellar. The cellar is equipped with a sump pump and is fully sprinkled. Outside of business hours, the premises are alarmed and monitored by a security firm.


Wine Lockers


Our wine storage units are built to fit standard or Bordeaux cases and range in size from 8 cases up to 216 cases. Customers are welcome to add wine racks to their units or work with our in-house carpentry specialist to design a storage solution that fits their needs. For your convenience we have both a freight elevator and stair access to the cellar.


Wine Shipping


Chicago Wine Storage will gladly accept wine delivery on your behalf for no charge. We can store it in our holding unit for up to seven days until you are able to move it into your own unit.


Affordable Wine Storage Pricing


Chicago Wine Storage provides complimentary locks for customers and requires no administration  fee or deposit.

Units are rented one full year at a time and paid for at the beginning of the year.  We will prorate the remainder of the month you move in and add twelve months, based on the prices below:


Chicago Wine Storage Hours


Customers may access their unit 7 days a week during the following hours:


    Mon – Fri:  10 am – 6 pm
    Sat – Sun:  10 am – 4 pm