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Chris Pytell - PGA Professional

Lower your scores – passion for teaching golf


Chris Pytell is in his 14th year as PGA Director of Golf Instruction at Skokie Sports Park.  Since 1994, Chris fueled his passion for teaching by conducting over 15.000 individual and group lessons, paving the path for many of his junior golfers to mature into competitive collegiate golfers.  Whether you’re an aspiring professional or a recreational golfer, you will learn valuable swing techniques for lowering your scores.


A Chicago native, Chris won numerous junior golf tournaments, and at 17 played in Big “I” Classic, a junior tournament on the national stage with Tiger Woods.  While playing on a golf scholarship at Southern Illinois University, Chris was an Academic All-American.  Since graduating from SIU with a B.S. in Speech Communication, Chris continues to play competitively in the Illinois PGA.  Chris also competed on the NGA Hooter’s Tour in Florida.  His personal best is 58 on a par 66. By maintaining his competitive edge, Chris believes he is better equipped to help his students achieve their full potential.


Keys to playing better golf


Chris enjoys instructing men, women, and junior golfers of all abilities.  Chris says, “The key to being a successful golf instructor is to convey a coherent and fun message tailored to each student”.  Because he believes the learning process accelerates when golf is taught with simple and easy to digest bite sized pieces, his lessons focus on building a solid foundation around the fundamentals of the game.  For students who want to hit the ball farther, Chris is a long ball technician who teaches specific fundamentals that power hitters use to gain more distance.


 “All golfers benefit with lessons from a PGA teaching professional, to develop a solid lesson and practice plan. Too many golfers groove bad habits by hitting balls without understanding the fundamentals, and ultimately how to fix their inconsistent swings,” says Chris.  “Everyone can improve with a little patience, and by practicing the right fundamentals.”  Chris also reminds us “if we have fun learning and playing golf, we’ll get better faster.”


For questions or to make an appointment, call or text Chris at (773)505-GOLF(4653) or email him at